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the armory

Building Athletes of Mass Destruction.

 The Armory is not just a training facility for Olympians to youth athletes, it is an arsenal of the worlds most cutting edge products that take bettering athletes to a completely new level.

The Sports Militia works hands on with these manufacturers as an avenue to expose their products to their customers through actual experience. Gone are the days of the marketing fluff and pumping up their product with fancy words. Either its groundbreaking or it's not. That choice is to be made by the user. Non biased, non incentivized, just pure experience and the player's preference.


In working with these manufacturers, we have worked tirelessly to gain clearance to discounts that are exclusively offered to the Militia family. Products that the Militia have in The Armory are heavily researched and approved after rigorous testing. 

From all social media associated with the Sports Militia brand, to the employees that work in The Armory, we refuse to accept any type of funding to place preference on any product over it's competitors. We are completely agnostic and are strictly here to give tech specs, stories, background, news and more on the products, that in turn, give YOU THE MILITIA, THE POWER TO CHOOSE WHICH PRODUCTS MAKE YOU A BETTER ATHLETE.


The Militia family can find reviews on every one of the products in The Armory for in depth information and insight to better help athletes understand products that may be of interest.

We are here to help in any way possible. Honest. Genuine. Real. No BS


Please inquire here for interest in fully custom stores, custom apparel, custom jerseys, jersey design, logo design, product design, product reviews or anything else. We will always get back to you promptly and take great care of you.